19-25 MAY 2023




19-25 MAY 2023

Only 20 future-oriented leaders will participate.

The registration for 2023 is now open.


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  • Take time and space to step back and reflect.
  • Clarify your leadership meaning, purpose and mission.
  • Complement understanding and evaluating with feeling, sensing and intuiting.
  • Learn to connect energetically to the present moment and to the people you interact with.


  • Build your collaboration skills to engage, inspire, organise and unite employees and their potential in advancing the 5Ps pursuit (people, planet, purpose, profit and prosperity).
  • Learn to create trust-based relationships to increase the resilience of your organisation.


  • Be able to address the critical global social, environmental and economic problems within your company’s vision.
  • Learn game-changing strategies from heartfelt masters who have led and inspired thousands in business, civil society, finance, governments and international organisations.

Faculty Team


Sonja Klopčič, Best-Selling Author, AEIOU of Leadership founder

She is the author of four books on leadership, including The AEIOU of Leadership, the award-winning model for sustainable leadership. She created and managed several companies in Slovenia in multiple fields of business and has been recognised with industry awards in entrepreneurship and innovation. She is a renowned mentor and coach to executives, specialising in leadership development and conscious organisations. She is also the founder of the global community of AEIOU leaders with the mission to support leaders who lead with love, purpose and inspiration, who understand that we are all interlinked and whose goal is to create prosperity for all.

Ina Kukovič Borovnik, Chief Reinvention Officer, Warm Data Lab Host, Former assistant to the Slovenian Prime Minister

She started out as a lawyer, went on to live and work in China as a sustainability consultant, came back to her home country to become the public speaker for the Prime Minister of Slovenia, later on finished her MBA, and became a professional yoga instructor. She holds the first Chief Reinvention Officer certification in the world. She is a certified Warm Data Lab Host. She is an inspiring speaker, a facilitator of executive level conversations and advocate for bringing more LIFE back into how we think and act.

Patrick Cowden, Founder of Beyond Leadership, Ex-Executive of Dell, Hitachi, EMC, Bertelsmann and Cap Gemini

Patrick has bet his life on the idea of a new interaction and connection quality in organisations. For more than 30 years he has held management positions in international companies such as Dell, Deutsche Bank and Hitachi. In his books and training courses, he analyses the deficits of the prevailing management culture. He is a charismatic speaker, unconventional leader and visionary. He is a regular guest lecturer worldwide. He is a founder of Beyond Leadership.

Violeta Bulc, Ex-European Commisioner, innovator and curator of Ecocivilisation

She is an open-minded former European Commissioner, devoted to solving problems in a collaborative and innovative way. She is a G100 Global Chair. The Ecocivilisation movement that she started in March 2020 was named among the top 100 projects for the future of the world by the WWEF. She is a recognised innovator, entrepreneur, politician (former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia) and much more. From her previous work experience and her current role, she knows how to create networks and develop strategies that address societal demands for greater well-being, connectivity and global awareness. Her book Rhythms of Business Evolution is gaining more and more attention, helping companies to asses their opportunities for progress, growth and value creation.

Ravi Chaudhry, ex-Chairman of Tata Group companies

Ravi is a former chairman of Tata Group companies, an author, speaker, and change-maker, with a singular focus on fostering a new edifice of responsible leadership and responsible entrepreneurship in business and society. He persistently reiterates the vital necessity to ask the right questions before seeking the answers. His book, Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality has been globally acclaimed as a ‘contemporary masterpiece, a rare combination of sound business thinking and accessible philosophy, and the best book on leadership in years.’ He is presently writing a new book on issues relating to Reinventing Democracy and Leadership.

Jonathan Cave, Founder and CEO of MyPhy, centre of leadership excellence

An entrepreneur, coach and facilitator working with top CEOs, executives and business owners in finance, sustainability, pharma, health care and well-being. Originally from New Zealand, he is the founder and CEO of MyPhy, a Swiss- based centre of leadership excellence. He is also the founder of JC Solutions, a company advising high-net-worth families on NextGen issues. He is a lawyer by profession and spent nearly 15 years serving some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs in an advisory role. He is an international conference speaker who enjoys meeting people and having meaningful conversations.

Matjaž Tičo Zupančič, Collective intelligence facilitator, Ex-State Secretary

He is a sustainable development and leadership advisor and coach, ambassador of SDBP, The International Business Platform of Slovenia and chairman of Beyond Leadership Slovenia. He has many years of experience in the field of leadership, coaching and consultancy in a variety of environments, including the role of State Secretary of the Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, which gives him credit for taking businesses and individuals to a higher level.

Eleftheria Kakambouras, Clinical Psyhologist, mentor & trainer

She is a counsellor, women’s retreat facilitator, Truthcatalyst Speaker and founder of Catalyst Facilitator Training with an honours degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as a ‘You Can HEAL Your Life’ facilitator. She helps you understand and manage whatever life throws at you, anchored in sacred feminine resilience. She believes that you have the courage not just to survive, but to truly thrive.

Ksenija Špiler Božič, Exquisite talent seeker, CEO of BB Consulting

A BB Consulting company director and individual business coach, considers herself a pearl seeker. With an exceptional ability to empathise she can quickly perceive and stimulate an individual’s hidden talents. For her, love is the foundation of life, without which she cannot imagine the world. She has developed her own innovative approach in coaching and a quantum model for changes. In recent years, she has been devoting much time to intergenerational dialogue, coaching, mentoring and setting HR strategies, which are an integral part of business transformation strategies.

Andrej Božič, World Expert for new Business Models, Ex-CEO of successful global companies, Honorary Consul of New Zealand

In his 30-year career, which he started as a sales manager for 40 different global markets, he has successfully carried out numerous restructuring, rehabilitation and start-up projects both in Slovenia and abroad. He has held a management position in several companies (including the global company ABB, Iskra ERO Group, Droga Group, Mondi Raubling GmbH, Steklarna Hrastnik). He received the Manager of the Year Award and the Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial successes. He is an honorary Consul of New Zealand and the President of the Managers’s Association of Slovenia

Key takeaways


    You will awaken the mission among employees as the biggest motivator. You will lead with clarity and mindfulness.


    You will build self-confidence to overcome

    challenges and to find a new path. You will learn to unleash the full potential of your employees.


    You will use the key organising principles to make your business more sustainable and resilient.

    You will advance your organisation’s 5Ps pursuit(people, planet, purpose, profit and prosperity).


    You will understand that the relationships are the foundation for a prosperous future.

    You will establish a culture of care, empowerment and clear accountability.

  • EB

    You will learn to change the system by changing your ideas.

    Your sustainable decisions will benefit future generations.

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Master the AEIOU of Leadership

DAY 1 – Warm Data Lab

Opening ceremony – Upon arrival in the pristine nature of Bohinj, we will begin to open all our senses and experience the connection and communication with nature. This experience will enhance our capacity for holistic leadership.



Leading with a compelling mission and vision to motivate and engage your employees. Leading with love and purpose, creating trust-based relationships to ensure prosperity for all is embedded in the AEIOU Leadership code. The courage to take care of others is also a form of love.



Capability to include all and lead with dialogue, open communication, listening and intuition.



Creating well-being and value for all, learn to nurture your workforce and build a strong community. Create new business models.



Foster quality and strong relationships to belong, participate and co-create.

DAY 6 – EB


Every leader’s decision has implications on multiple levels. Apply the ecosystemic view to ensure desired change.


Individual coaching will support you analysing your challenges, focusing on adaptive and context-focused solutions, embracing the opportunities – finding new paths in taking the daring steps along a less trodden path.